What, why & how we build Expanse

Our Mission

To build the best in class UX and integration platform for co-working with AI in the workplace and for education.

The Vision

An AI-future that scales access and alignment to be in the best interests of the user and humanity.

Core Principles

Always, Lead Yourself

Embody self-leadership and consciousness, it ignites initiative in others and growth across the organisation.

Seek Collective Advantage

Identify and maximize leverage - find the angle, mitigate waste and utilize resources to amplify speed and impact.

Catalyze Compassion

Entwine empathy and curiosity, for excellence stems from the capacity to relate, understand, and evolve together.

Open Positions

Senior / 7+ years
Lead Front-End Engineer
Intermediate ↑ / 4+ years
Front-End Engineer
Intermediate ↑ / 5+ years
Fullstack Engineer
Senior / 7+ years
Lead UX/UI Designer
Intermediate ↑ / 4+ years
UX/UI Designer
Any ↑ / 1+ years
Nothing above that suits?

The day-to-day

Hybrid & remote work

We believe in tailoring the right mix of remote and in-person that works for each role and person. Currently based in New Zealand, we're actively scouting talent here, in Australia and in the US. We're also open to exceptional candidates from other locations (we can also help you move to NZ).

Trust & accountability

We work to make sure everyone is aligned on our monthly goals. Each member of the team is entrusted to take on responsibility and make decisions that help us reach our individual and collective targets. Great communication, mentoring and support ensures that there’s accountability and that no one feels overwhelmed or overloaded.

Open communication

When communication is clear, direct and grounded in empathy, it makes success much easier to hit. Great communication is also about actively listening, building trust and making sure disagreements are constructive. It also makes it much easier to like the people you’re working with every day.

Autonomy & ownership

While it's true that not every risk leads to a reward, those that do often bring substantial returns. That is why we prioritise well-defined risk assessment and total transparency. Our goal? To cultivate a secure environment that emboldens you to design and action ambitious ideas.

We ❀️ squiggly career paths

We've come to learn that amazing talent will often come with an unexpected backstory.

Whether your career started with an Ivy League education, or you were self-taught, please don't be shy.

You could be exactly who we've been waiting for.